Elementary Sailor's Course

We prepared this course for those who wish to take their very first step towards being a sailor. Just as all the rest of our courses, “Elementary sailor course” does not approach sailboats or sailorship as “vessel operation”: We will be thinking on sailing and sailorship in relation with nature and all those that are above and below water.

If you wish to learn sailorship without missing out on possible meanings of being in nature and on sea, we will be waiting.

Course duration is 4 days, 32 hours 4 of which is theory. It consists of daily sails.

You can find some of the course subjects below:

  • Boat types and their characteristics

  • Sails and how they work

  • Wind directions

  • Preparing the boat

  • Approaching-leaving the port

  • Maneuver under power

  • Hoisting-dropping the sails

  • Basic maneuvers under sail

  • Basic sail trim

  • Basic anchoring

  • Introduction to communication at sea

  • Basic meteorology

  • Basic route planning

  • Introduction to night sails

  • Basic sailor knots

  • Introduction to living aboard


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Advanced Sailor's Course

This course is for those who have either already taken our “Elementary Sailor’s Course” or have a basic knowledge on sailing and wish to improve it. This entire course, during which we deepen the subjects on “Elementary Sailing Course” and add new subjects, is done on the water.

Course duration is 4 days 32 hours

You can find some of the course subjects below:

  • Advanced sail trim

  • Advanced maneuver under sail

  • Advanced anchoring

  • Preparing the boat for a storm

  • Storm sailing techniques

  • Detailed communication at sea

  • Detailed night sailing

  • Advanced meteorology

  • Long route planning

  • Routine maintenance


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Long Voyage Course

This course, named after Bernard Moitessier’s book, is prepared for those who wish to learn long route planning in detail and experience it. We will be sailing a minimum of 200 nautical miles and –among many other things- learning how to prepare for such a voyage as well as learning how to do it.

The duration and route of this course depends on the season. For further information please contact us.


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Tour + Course

In this course we combine sailor’s courses with tours and sail on a route which we plan together. Details of the course and the route are based on your preferences and needs. In that way, you get the chance to both improve your knowledge and have an unforgettable vacation with your loved ones.

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